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Select Singles FAQs

What can Select Singles offer me that other dating services can't?

Select Singles offers an offline dating service, events are focused on local singles to Derbyshire and the surrounding areas. Unlike other larger dating agencies, we personally review all applications and hold one to one registrations for the Platinum membership. We believe that this personal approach sets the tone to create a friendly, fun and safe environment, therefore allowing each client to feel totally at ease and secure.

What questions will I be asked at my personal interview?

We will ask you a variety of questions, starting with basic personal information and what type of relationship you are looking for. For Platinum membership further questions are asked (i.e. hobbies, interests, etc), this is to help provide informal matches at the Platinum members events.

Will anyone know that I have joined?

Your profile will not be held on line. Each member is registered with Select Singles in complete confidence.

Does Select Singles produce a personal profile on each client?

No, as we are not a dating or match making agency.

Where do members live?

Members are predominantly living within a close proximity of Derby and Derbyshire.

Do members have to be keen to get married?

Not necessarily. Some members are looking for life partners and potential marriage. However, some members are only interested in dating, friendship or companionship.

Are all members genuine and do I need to be concerned about security?

All members are asked to provide their full address, DOB and two separate forms of identification at Registration. Further vetting checks will be carried out for the Platinum Members. To date Select Singles has never had to remove any membership due to bad behaviour.