Select Singles

2 levels of membership are available, depending on your personal requirements.

High quality local events are held using prestigious hotels and bespoke restaurants for dinners, socials, dances and special themed events.

Membership Packages


Monthly membership £99 per month

Initial registration fee £499

Extra benefits includes - marital checks, one to one registration consultation, smaller group events and personal informal introductions


Monthly membership £49 per month

Initial registration fee £249

A monthly event at selected hotel venues in and around Derbyshire, for relaxed and informal party environments

Additional services available:

Personal introductions, including date night bookings
Style & Confidence Consultancy
PA Services – transportation and hotel bookings

Please contact us for full details of the membership packages.

Select Singles pride ourselves on Quality.

Select Singles aim to offer the best quality service by getting to know the members personally whilst being professional and discreet. Membership is selective for the interest and wellbeing of all members.

Select Singles value the need to feel a connection with someone by meeting in person, rather than judging them on a photo or profile.

The founders of Select Singles have experienced either at first hand or through close family members the experiences of being single for long periods of time and the impact that this can have on people’s lives.

Whilst internet dating has its place and works for some, it is most definitely not for everyone. For some, their personal lives are very private to them and not something they wish to publicise. For others their occupations dictate this to be inappropriate and, for a growing number, there are genuine concerns about their personal information being available to all, and once in the public domain it is hard to know if it has ever been eradicated.

We have previously worked in professional positions within the Corporate Business World and completely understand that, for a number of people, being on dating sites is simply not an option. Indeed, this is partly what led to the idea of Select Singles and the refreshing ethos which goes with it.

We at Select Singles are passionate about your privacy, and about concentrating on what really matters, introducing you to people in a relaxed and friendly informal environment. We believe we offer a very unique approach to dating in our one of a kind exclusive private members club.

So please if you share our ethos, come and join us and be a part of Derbyshire’s newest and most innovative way of meeting local people face to face.

If you still have any doubts please read the following few facts:-

If you are widowed, there is no wrong time to meet someone new. It does not mean your loved one means any less.

If you are divorced and feeling low, you are still the same beautiful / handsome person you were on your wedding day.

If you are separated and lacking in confidence the best way forward is to meet new people. There are no medals for staying in night after night.

For more information please contact us directly.


Every application is personally
reviewed and ID vetted


All members and events are locally
within Derbyshire & surrounding areas


Switch from looking at profiles
on line to meeting in person

Find the Perfect Match

Select Singles is an Exclusive Members Only Club for Professionals who want to meet local people face to face, in a relaxed and friendly environment.